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Hey there, I am John Bailey founder of Business 2 Assets. At Business 2 Assets we help successful business owners who are very busy in their business and not producing enough Income, Freedom or Scale.

We help them increase the value of transactions through stronger margins and improved productivity, knowing their ideal client and protecting margins in the sale process.


We want to lift communities and see people do better, we believe helping small and medium size businesses owners improve their business using programs designed to lift the productivity of its employees, improve margins and attract their ideal client will lift the communities in which they operate.

Our Methodology

When you understand the MARGINS in your business understanding how to measure and optimize you will stabilize your cash flow, ATTRACT prospects that fit your business model and will appreciate your services, create a CULTURE that thrives on stepping up boosting productivity. Our programs and material are designed to help business owners work on your business across those three areas, transforming your business for a paid job, into a valuable asset.