A Great Marketing Message – Where Do You Position Yourself?

A Great Marketing Message – Where Do You Position Yourself?

By John Bailey | July 9, 2020

A Great Marketing Message – Where Do You Position Yourself? 


The marketplace is a very noisy environment. Every business is shouting at the top of their lungs to get the attention of a potential customer. So how do you silence the noise and stand above everyone else? By finding out where you are positioned in your marketing messages. 


Do you have the best clients or loyal customers because of your Quality? Service? Price? Or all of them combined? They are important factors alright but keep in mind a business cannot be known and appreciated for quality, service and price equally. This is why ensuring your marketing messages represent first and foremost what it is your most loyal customers appreciate your business for. 


A marketing message is how you communicate with your TARGET audience. It’s telling your audience beyond what you can sell. It’s conveying your targeted audience a message about how your business creates value and positive change in their lives. So it is not the easiest task. There are a lot of things to consider early on in your business journey with positioning yourself in your marketing messages.  


  • Mission, Vision & Values – this is where everything should start with your marketing message. In any form of how you would market and advertise your product, this should be prevalent. The result? Potential customers will choose you over thousands of competitors, even if their price is lower than what you sell. 
  • Company Goals – is your marketing message aligned to your company goals? If not, it is high time you do so. The company’s goal is the only guide every marketing strategy should follow. If the goal is clear, the marketing message would also be clear.  
  • Transitioning to Digital Marketing – There are 1.8 billion people who purchase goods and services online (Statista 2018). So if you want to speak the language of your target audience, the best way to do that is to embrace digital marketing. A marketing message doesn’t have to be dull; you can show it in many ways through different social media platforms and other forms of digital media.  


It is a complex task, creating a powerful marketing message and positioning yourself right. Yes, we develop products and services because we want to earn money. But if marketers take the marketing message for granted and, the business may never be heard. Always ask yourself about your company’s marketing message: ‘what problem does my target audience have?’ and ‘how does my business solve it?’ If your target audience does not recognise that your products and service offers a solution to their problem, they will just swipe left and move on to the next company.  

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